4-H Clubs

So you want to join 4-H…..Here’s what’s next:

Have you ever wondered, what does a 4-H Club do?
Check out our promotional brochure and Make the Best Better with Dodge County 4-H!

How do I know what club to join?

Check out this Map of 4-H Clubs in Dodge County. You can pick whichever club you would like. You can decide by how close you are to the club, the time of the monthly meeting, by project type, whether you have friends in a club etc. You can always go to some meetings if you can’t decide and see which is right for your needs. Questions can be directed to the Extension Dodge County Office at 920-386-3790 or to that club’s leader(s) listed on the map.

When and how do I join a club?

Dodge County 4-H uses 4HOnline enrollment system for all members and leaders. Enrolling is easy and convenient. To enroll in 4-H you need: internet access, a valid email address, and a web browser. You can enroll from a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Check out the 4-H Project Guide for projects and descriptions. After enrollment is submitted, projects cannot be added or changed for that year. New members can join at any time.

Important 4-H dates to remember:

  • SEPTEMBER 15:  Enrollment opens on 4HOnline for the new 4-H year.
  • OCTOBER 1: 4-H year begins. The 4-H year is October 1 – September 30.
  • NOVEMBER 15:  Recommended deadline for re-enrolling members.

Who can join 4-H?

4-H is open to youth 5K through grade 13 (1 year after high school) in Dodge County. 4-H grade is determined as of October 1st. Here are some important member tips to know:

  • 5 year old Kindergarten through 2nd grade must enroll as Cloverbuds.
  • 3rd graders must enroll in the EXPLORING project and can add one additional project of choice. Exploring members enrolling in the Beef project are only eligible for the BEEF FEEDER Class at the Dodge County Junior Fair.
  • Starting at 4th grade, youth members select from all project areas.
    The project areas you sign up for through 4HOnline determine what you are eligible to sign up for at the Dodge County Fair.
  • There is a nominal annual enrollment fee of $8 per member.

Didn’t get your questions answered here?
Contact Extension Dodge County at 920-386-3790 for more information. 

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