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Dodge and Dane Counties


Field Notes Podcast

What is Field Notes? Two regional crops educators with UW-Madison Extension in Wisconsin combining their skills, knowledge, and experience to help farmers and agronomists develop research-based solutions to issues facing agriculture in Wisconsin.

  • Heard about the Haney test and want to learn more about how it might be used in Wisconsin? Listen in while we chat with leading UW researchers and outreach specialists Chris Bandura, John Jones, and Andrew Stammer on this topic. We dive in deep discussing how the Haney test can be used practically on-farm, how […]
  • Wisconsin infrastructure for grain markets and the ability to drop off grains at the nearest elevator incentivizes corn and soybean (and wheat to a lesser extent) rotations. Breaking outside that box and finding alternative grain markets can yield dividends in price premiums and extended crop rotations enhancing farm resilience to drops in commodity prices and […]

The Cutting Edge Podcast

Join UW-Madison Division of Extension as they search for new crops for Wisconsin growers, processors, and consumers.  The strength of Wisconsin’s agricultural economy is its diversity…something that doesn’t just happen by chance.  It is a product of the relentless drive of researchers and farmers to innovate, explore, and experiment.  Join us for a glimpse into the exciting new research and development bringing new crops and diversity to Wisconsin.

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