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 Speaking Contest

When:  Thursday, January 30, 2020 6:30pm

Where: Dodge County Administration Building, 127 E. Oak Street, Juneau


Deadline to Register January 17, 2020

An opportunity for 4-H members to gain experience speaking before an audience. Learning how to read well aloud or to deliver a speech from memory, as well as preparing an original speech, is important in developing our speaking and communication skills.

Demonstration Contest

When:  Tuesday, March 24, 2020 6:00pm

Where: Dodge County Administration Building, 127 E. Oak Street, Juneau


Deadline to Register March 13th!

A demonstration involves a prepared presentation, shows how to do something, follows steps, and uses props. Demonstrations may include two presenters if equal participation is evident.

Many youth have given brief demonstrations or talks at 4-H meetings. Do not use school presentations!  Please, no product labels.

Dairy and Livestock Judging Contests

There are many opportunities for dairy and livestock youth to become more knowledgeable about their projects through judging teams. Youth are divided by age into Junior and Senior teams for district and state competitions. Contact the Extension Office for more information at 920-386-3790.

Judging teams include: Livestock, Meats, Livestock Skillathon/Quiz Bowl, Dairy and  Dairy Skillathon/Quiz Bowl.

Foods Revue

Foods Revue 2018

An opportunity for Foods and Nutrition Project members to “show and tell” about the foods they enjoy preparing.  Members are judged on: prepared food, menus, table service, cost of meal, time management and nutrition knowledge.

Foods Revue – March 23, 2020 at 6pm at the Dodge County Administration Building, 127 E. Oak Street, Juneau

Favorite Foods Revue Event Description

Favorite Foods Revue Registration Clip Out

Clothing Revue

Clothing Revue is open to Exploring members and 4-H’ers in 4th grade and up. Clothing, Knitting, and Crocheting projects also have classes to participate in Clothing Revue.

Clothing project members model garments they have constructed and/or purchased. Youth are judged on: poise, posture, accessories and total outfit appearance.

Clothing Revue – DATE TBA

Clothing Revue Descriptions

Clothing Revue Registration – TBA

Community Service Events

April & October Community Service Nights

Community service nights are scheduled twice throughout the year. Youth and families make projects that bring comfort and cheer to military families, those in hospitals, assisted living cenNo Sew Blanketsters or nursing homes and via social service agencies. Contact the 4-H Program Assistant, Ellen Bohn at for the next community service night.

Summer Reading Challenge

Explore another world! Visit places you never imagined visiting! Do it through reading! Relax with a book or tablet.

  • 2020 Record Sheet for Summer Reading Challenge

    Youth in grades 1-8 are invited to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge and win a prize. All they need to do is record the books they have read throughout the summer on a Summer Reading Challenge Form and send it to the Extension Dodge County. Youth track their reading progress and email their record sheets to: or mail them to Extension Dodge County 127 E. Oak St. Juneau, WI 53039. Read 5, 10, 15 books or more – everybody wins. deadline August 24, 2020

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