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Ron Kean

Department of Animal & Dairy Sciences

rpkean@wisc.edu | 608-262-8807


Youth Poultry Project

2021 UPDATE: Due to some cancelations the requirements for the Poultry project have been modified:

  • There are four scheduled monthly County Poultry project meetings starting in April 2021. Members will be required to attend at least one of the meetings to exhibit at the fair.
  • The points requirement for the Blue Ribbon Auction will have two options. OPTION 1 maintains the same 7 and 9 point requirement but allows members to use the points earned going back to the 2019 fair tear-down and clean up until the start of the 2021 fair. OPTION 2 requires members to earn 5 and 7 points during the period of August 1, 2020 until the start of the 2021 fair.

Many members have earned points over the past two years while others need to earn more. We will discuss the opportunities to earn points at the meetings through activities like attending the monthly county poultry meetings,  state 4-H and WJPC poultry meetings on Zoom, demonstration, sanctioned and fun shows, and more.Come to poultry meetings with your questions or contact Dan Schwandt, Poultry Project Leader
920-763-8030 Schwandtdutch@aol.com .

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