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All meetings will begin at 7pm, and run for about an hour. Locations to be determined if in person or held via Zoom. Educational meetings count as one (1) point on the Livestock Project Member Activity Card. 

» October 18, 2021 |  6:00 PM |  VFW Hall in Lowell |  Life of a Livestock Exhibitor. | Come to learn about selection of your beef, sheep or swine and the timelines necessary.

» November 15, 2021 |  7 PM | Beaver Dam High School Agriculture Room/Mr. Ganske |  Meats Judging | Learn about meats judging, participating in a contest, and maybe compete on a county 4H Meats Team!  MASKS REQUIRED. Enter on the northwest side of the school.

» January 17, 2022 |  7 PM | Lowell Community Memorial VFW Hall; 280 South St., Lowell | Crossing Your T’s and Dotting Your I’s of Market Animals. So you are planning on entering your market livestock in the fair!  Do you know how to? Where do you sign up? What paperwork is needed? What to put on your thank you note. What do you need on your orange card?

» February 21, 2022 | 7 PM | Virtual;  Lowell Community Memorial VFW Hall; 280 South St., Lowell | Ag Career Fair. Come and talk with local people who work in the agricultural field, not just a corn field!  There are so many positions available in agriculture, you may be surprised, and make a contact with someone new to assist you with a future internship or career.

» March 21, 2022 | 7 PM | Lowell Community Memorial VFW Hall; 280 South St., Lowell | Caring For Your Animal. Let’s look at how to prep your show animal for the fair!  How soon do you clip your beef, shear your lamb, or walk your pig?

» April 18, 2022 | 7 PM | Wesley Center, United Methodist Church, 114 S. Forest St., Waupun  | Talking Vaccinations.  We will be inviting a local veterinarian in to discuss the health of our animals and when/what vaccinations these animals will need to stay healthy.

»  Monday, May 9, 2022 | YQCA In – Person Training | 7 PM – 9 PM | Wesley Center, 114 Forest Ave., Waupun, WI. Registration required at before class.

» May 16, 2022 | 7 PM | Sheep Barn @ the Dodge County Fairgrounds | Herdsmanship/Showmanship. Why is appearance and presentability important?  We will be asking several judges to come in and explain what they are looking for in the show ring and in the barns.

» June 27, 2022 | PRESALE MEETING | 7 PM | Dodge County Fairgrounds/Farm Progress Arena.  If you did not attend the Presale meeting on September 27th 2021, YOU NEED TO ATTEND THIS ONE!

» July, 25, 2022 | Livestock Project Activity card – “ORANGE CARD” – and all Educational Event Verification Forms DUE. Turn into or mail to the Dodge County Extension office.

» August 4-14, 2022 >>> Wisconsin State Fair 

» August, 17-21, 2022 >>> Dodge County Fair

» August 29, 2022 | Livestock Listening Sessions | Location TBD

» September 26, 2022 | POST SALE MEETING | 7 PM | Dodge County Fairgrounds

ADDITIONAL EDUCATIONAL OFFERINGS // Counts as one (1) educational point

Wisconsin Youth Livestock Program | Animal Sciences Virtual Education Series 2022

Jan 13 – Grand Challenge: Animal Health & Welfare | 7 PM
Feb 10 – Grand Challenge: Precision Agriculture | 7 PM
Mar 3 – Grand Challenge:Food Safety, Pork Carcass Eval & Cooking |7 PM
Apr 14 – Grand Challenge: Land and Water | 7 PM
May 12 – Grand Challenge: Biomedical Advancements | 7 PM

The evening framework:

  1. Gain awareness of technology in agriculture through these examples.
  2. Gain ideas on career pathways in this field. 
  3. Take home activity.
  4. Questions.

The educational series should be good for all youth and adults alike no matter their background and interest in animals.  These programs are for students with lots of experience to students with minimum experience with animals;  students who show/exhibit animals and those that may not.  


Please print the Educational Event Verification Form before sessions begin. Youth may fill out questions throughout the session. Save and attach to ‘Orange Card’.

More Events: 




DNA Identification technologies have proven to be instrumental in safeguarding the reputation and integrity of our State’s Youth livestock programs. DNA identification must be submitted to be eligible for all 2022 Wisconsin State Fair Championship awards in the market and non-registered breeding stock shows of the Junior Beef, Sheep and Swine Divisions. Wisconsin State Fair’s process for 2022 DNA identification is as follows: 840 Ear Tag Identification:Wisconsin State Fair requires an 840 ear tag as official animal identification. 840 RFID ear tags are preferred but any official 840 ear tag is accepted. The 15-digit sequence of numbers which begin with 840 will be recognized by Wisconsin State Fair as the individual animal identification number. Wisconsin State Fair sells individual 840 RFID ear tags but 840 ear tags do not need to be purchased through Wisconsin State Fair. DNA Identification Sample Envelopes:Sample envelopes are used to collect and submit DNA samples for animals in the market and non-registered breeding stock shows in the Junior Beef, Sheep and Swine Divisions. Envelopes purchased from Wisconsin State Fair must be returned to Wisconsin State Fair (see submission information below).Purchases through Wisconsin State Fair:Wisconsin State Fair DNA identification 840 ear tags and sample envelopes are available for purchase online by credit card at At the present time, due to COVID-19, walk-up orders will not be accepted at Wisconsin State Fair Park.

  • DNA Identification Sample Envelope: $7.00
  • 840 RFID Ear Tag: $8.00
  • DNA Identification Sample Envelope and 840 RFID Ear Tag: $15

Wisconsin State Fair DNA Identification Submission Date:Wisconsin State Fair DNA identification sample envelopes must be returned postmarked on (or before) May 25, 2022*. At the present time, due to COVID-19, in-person dropoffs of DNA identification will not be accepted at Wisconsin State Fair Park. DNA identification may only be returned via mail, Fed Ex or UPS. DNA sample envelopes being sent to Wisconsin State Fair should be addressed to: Wisconsin State Fair, Agriculture Department, 640 S 84th St, West Allis WI 53214 *PLEASE NOTE: Junior market beef, sheep and swine and non-registered breeding stock without DNA identification postmarked/delivered by May 25, 2022, are eligible to show at Wisconsin State Fair but are not eligible for champion awards.County Fair DNA Programs:Wisconsin State Fair recognizes and accepts DNA identification from County Fair programs which use Animal ID Inc. as their DNA service provider. Any DNA identification sample envelopes purchased through a County Fair program must be submitted back to the respective County where purchased. DNA identification samples postmarked/delivered on (or before) May 25, 2022, will be recognized as meeting Wisconsin State Fair DNA identification requirements.

Reminder!Purchasing and/or submission of 840 ear tags or DNA sample envelopes is NOT entry in the 2022 Wisconsin State Fair. Exhibitors must enter the Wisconsin State Fair Junior Show online at in a separate process in late spring. Please contact Wisconsin State Fair at with additional DNA identification questions.








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