Cool New State Weather Tracking & Soil Moisture Measurement Coming Soon!

Wisconet provides up-to-date weather information to support Wisconsin farmers, researchers and residents

If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes, it will change. Wisconsin saw such changes this spring. After a record wet January – April, the state experienced the third-driest May-June in the last 129 years.

Lack of precipitation during the growing season creates challenges for farmers and growers, but new soil moisture measurements from Wisconet will improve irrigation decisions and better inform drought monitoring. 

The new weather station network, Wisconet, will provide live weather and soil condition updates. Wisconet will measure soil moisture at five depths from just two inches below the surface all the way to 40 inches below ground.

In five minute intervals, the new weather station network Wisconet, will update their stations with live weather data to support all those that depend on the weather from farmers to meteorologists and everyone in between. They aim to install 75 new stations by 2026. Check out the full article about Wisconet and The Wisconet site below. 

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