How much do soil health practices increase soil carbon?

Right now, there are at least a dozen carbon credit companies willing to pay farmers a range of prices to add conservation practices, like cover crops and no-till planting, to their annual crop production systems. Although these companies are paying farmers to implement the conservation practice, what they are really investing in is the additional carbon they expect to be stored (sequestered) in the soil through implementing the practice.

Farmer Round Table Talk

Meet our UW-Madison Extension Regional Dairy Educator, Alison Pfau, along with the Farm Management Outreach Specialist Jim Versweyveld and local dairy farmer, Chris Conley, on March 22 at Higher Grounds Coffee Shop. The “Farmer Round Table Talk” program starts at 1 pm. Join this meeting to discuss the needs of the local dairy farmers, the […]

Helping Youth Thrive | 4-H Thriving Model Results

Marie Witzel, Positive Youth Development Educator, has been reviewing the Dodge County 4-H Thriving Results that Dodge County 4-H youth completed in 2022 from the Wisconsin 4-H Thriving Survey.  She identified some great results in the Developmental Context focused on Sparks, Belonging, Relationships and Engagement. Marie shared those results with the Extension Education Committee and the Dodge […]

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