You’re a wizard, Cloverbud! Congratulations Educators!

Shared from Becky Pfile, Columbia County 4-H Educator One of my favorite things about 4-H is providing opportunities where young people can discover things that spark their interest.  Sparks of interest are important because they allow youth to discover their passions and talents which leads to an improved sense of purpose and fulfillment,and motivates youth […]

Looking for Dinner Inspiration? Check out

What’s for Dinner?? When is Supper going to be done?? Don’t you love that question?! Besides a sigh or eye roll to your answer, why not invite them to help you pick out a menu for the week! is a great free resource that you can sort by Course, Nutrition, Food Group, Cooking Equipment […]


What is Extension? Do you offer classes? Are they free? Is there someone to answer my questions? Can you test the lid on my pressure canner? What’s wrong with my tree? You’ve come to the right place! Extension in Action is a NEW monthly newsletter to update you on current class offerings and tidbits of […]

Broadband Workshops

On behalf of the Extension Broadband Team, we are excited to bring the workshop Getting Ready for Broadband Equity, Access, and Development (BEAD) Funding: Permitting,  Engagement and Learning from the Experience. By attending this workshop, you will gain a better understanding of the funding mechanism through the federal government (National Telecommunications and Information Administration), that is […]

Take a Fresh Look at Frozen Foods

Did you know that March is Frozen Food Month?! Did you know that frozen fruits and vegetables are as rich in nutrients and, in many cases, are packed with even higher nutrient levels than their fresh counterparts? This month, take some time to educate families on the importance of handling frozen foods safely. Planning to use frozen veggies? […]

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