Dodge County Junior Fair

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4-H Food & Fair Stand Sign Up Schedules

  • Sign up to volunteer in the Farm Bureau 4-H Stand and Cream Puffs/Caramel Apple Slices (Co-op Building), the 4-H Promotion Booth and 4-H Fish Pond (Youth Building).
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Forms & Resources

Judging Method Descriptions

  • Danish Method: This is the traditional system whereby all exhibits of the same lot number are present simultaneously to the judge. The judge evaluates each exhibit but is permitted to give a maximum of 25% ribbons to each group (blue, red, white & pink) Exhibitors do not need to be present for this type of judging.
    Danish Judging Placing Sheet
  • Conference Method: All exhibits within a lot number are presented simultaneously, evaluated and awarded ribbons as in Danish judging, BUT the exhibitor or their representative must be available to present the exhibit. The judge asks questions pertaining to the exhibit and awards ribbons accordingly.
  • 1-2-3-4 Method: Usually used in Open Class. There is one 1st , one 2nd , one 3rd , one 4th placing. Judge does not have to give a 1st . Below 4th receives no ribbons and no premiums.
  • Face-to-Face Method: This type allows for more flexibility on the part of the judge and the exhibitor. Exhibitors bring all their exhibits in that department to be judged at one time and talk to the judge about the exhibits. Exhibits are not compared with other exhibits in the same lot number, but judged on their own merit. The judge may award the ribbon and premium which is appropriate without regard to Danish percentages.
    • What if an exhibitor can not present for their face-to face or conference judging?  Exhibitors who cannot be present for their judging must contact the department superintendent ahead of time. It is preferred that another exhibitor sit in for that person’s discussion with the judge; however, a leader or parent may sit in if necessary. There is no automatic penalty for exhibitors who are not present for their judging. It is up to each judge and superintendent to determine how the exhibitor’s absence will affect the placing awarded.
    • General Face-to-Face Questions you may be asked…
      What do you like most about your project? What do you like least about this project?
      What have you learned in this project?
      What would you like to learn more about in this project?
      Where did you get the idea for this exhibit?
      Who helped you?
      What was the easiest part of making this exhibit?
      What was the most difficult or challenging part?
      What would you do differently if you made another exhibit?
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