Congratulations on having a Spark!! What’s yours??

Written by Marie Witzel
4-H Youth Development Educator
UW Extension Dodge County

The 2023 Dodge County Summer 4-H Intern worked with the educator to create a brochure and video to use to promote 4-H in the county.  The brochure was used at National Night Out and the video was released on the county website for National 4-H week.  It was also shared with the county extension oversite committee.  The committee chair requested that the educator share it with the entire county board of supervisors so they would have a better understanding of the 4-H program.  The video was created by the intern using photos from the 4-H program during the 2023 year.

The video shows youth engaged in programs to find their spark, build a community, teach leadership and responsibility and give back to the community.  The video can be found online at  The video is on the county website.  

In April of this year the video and promotional brochure was the winner of the Wisconsin Association of 4-H Youth Development Professionals Association Promotional Package Team Award.

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