The Cutting Edge Podcast: Episode #5-Malting Barley

The Cutting Edge: A Podcast in Search of New Crops for Wisconsin focuses on a single crop by interviewing researchers, growers, and movers and shakers behind each crop.  Says, Jason Fischbach, Agriculture Agent for Ashland/Bayfield Counties and one of the organizers and co-hosts for the podcast: “The goal of the podcast is two-fold.  First, we want to give growers in-depth knowledge and information about emerging and alternative crops to help growers decide whether to pursue the opportunity.  Second, we want to provide growers and stakeholders an inside look at what it takes to develop new crops and markets for these crops”.

Episode #5-Malting Barley. 

The Cutting Edge Podcast: Episode #5 – Malting Barley

Hosts Carl Duley and Jerry Clark interview Dr. Pat Hayes and his malting barley crew at Oregon State University about breeding and growing malting barley for terroir-based flavor. Recorded July 23, 2020. 

Transcript of Episode #5

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