Resilient Co-Parenting Online Classes

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February 1st, 2024


7:00pm - 8:00pm



The Resilient Co-Parenting classes are for parents or caregivers who are raising their children together while living apart. These classes are a source of ongoing support for co-parents as they continue their journey. Anyone can join!

January 4 – Families Fighting Fair
The way you manage conflicts with your co-parent greatly impacts your children. Learn skills for positive conflict management, compromise, reframing and active listening.

February 1 – Successful Stepfamilies
Blended families face unique challenges when it comes to parenting. Learn about these challenges and some things that you can do to ease this transition for your children.

March 7 – Help Children with Strong Emotions
Children experience a wide range of emotions through the transition of separation or divorce. Learn ways to support children through strong emotions, to reduce stress and build emotional intelligence.

April 4 – Co-Parenting Teens
Teenagers need continued parental support to become happy, healthy young adults. Learn ways to co-parent cooperatively to support your teenager in developing positive family relationships, a healthy lifestyle, and a positive connection in their community.

May 2 – Parenting from a Distance
Parenting from a distance can be challenging. Learn ways to stay connected with your children when living apart and to make the most of the time your time together.

June 6 – Healthy Coping during times of Transition
The stress of co-parenting can be overwhelming. Learn strategies from the WeCOPE curriculum, which has been shown to reduce stress, increase positive affect, and improve health behaviors.

7:00-8:00 pm over Zoom 1st Thursday of each month in 2024!

All class are free. Classes are virtual on Zoom. Register here.

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