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February 11, 2022

ATTENTIONYQCA Platform Transition!

Youth and families should download certificates of YQCA completion before Wednesday, March 23, 2022.

Greetings from the YQCA Executive Board of Directors! We hope 2022 is off to a great start! As a YQCA partner and customer, we wanted to make you aware of a recent decision our organization has made regarding the future of our program. After five years of working together, our contract with RegistrationMax has come to an end, and it is time to begin a new chapter to better serve you through this certification program. In short, it was time for an update! Our certification program represents the top-of-the-line training in food safety, humane animal care, and life skill development for youth. We are confident that the new website platform will match the same level of quality. We are preparing for the move to the new platform which will launch on March 23, 2022! On that date, users (youth or YQCA instructors) will no longer be able to login to their account and access their certification information. Each youth and YQCA instructor that has a current and valid certification will need to download their certificate before March 23, 2022.

There will be a process on the new platform to submit current and valid certifications. In the coming weeks, more communication from YQCA about this transition to the new platform will be provided. YQCA will host a series of webinars later in February and early March for you, our state and organizational partners as well as our team of instructors. These will focus on what this move means for everyone and offer opportunities to answer your questions. We also will host an additional webinar open to the public announcing the change and answering user questions. This will be followed by a final webinar that will provide a tour of the new and improved online experience. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to the YQCA program! We will be in touch very soon!

Visit https://yqcaprogram.org for updated information!

YQCA Board of Directors


Your YQCA certification must be current and valid at the time of the 2022 Dodge County Fair. YQCA certifications are only valid for one year after completion with the exception of the test out option. Please print out certificate after completion and attach to the Dodge County Livestock Project Member Activity ‘Orange Card’.

    • At this time, no instructor led courses are planned in Dodge County.
    • YQCA certification is available for completion at yqcaprogram.org.
    • YQCA does NOT count as an educational point.


Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) is a national multi-species quality assurance program for youth ages 8 to 21 with a focus on three core pillars: food safety, animal well-being, and character development.

All youth who exhibit beef, sheep, and swine at the Dodge County Fair will be required to complete YQCA training (YQCA does NOT count as an educational point).

YQCA includes information for youth showing the following food animals:

  • Pigs
  • Beef Cattle
  • Dairy Cattle
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Market Rabbits
  • Poultry

YQCA is available as an online program for youth everywhere in the United States. YQCA in-person workshops may be available to youth where state 4-H or FFA offices or state/national livestock organizations have partnered to have qualified trainers offer in-person workshops.

All youth who may have a beef animal marketed through Equity or Milwaukee Stockyards will also need to have completed YQCA to meet new (Jan 1, 2019) guidelines.

All youth who wish to exhibit Beef, Dairy, Goats, Poultry, Rabbits, Sheep, or Swine at the Wisconsin State Fair will be required to complete YQCA training.

There are three options for completing YQCA training:

Cost: $12 per youth per year

Designed for youth ages 8-21, each year the participant will receive unique curriculum depending upon the age of that youth. Each year’s lesson is designed to provide an estimated 60 minutes of education. The online program includes three components for each topic (food safety, animal well-being, and character development). Each topic consists of a knowledge builder, skills lab and quiz, and are designed specifically for each age group. A pass rate of 80% has been established for each quiz with students being able to repeat the module if needed.

Youth can complete this training at their convenience.

  • Option 2: Complete YQCA in person training

Cost: $3 per youth per year

  • In-person YQCA training will be held on Monday,  May 9th from 7pm to 9pm at the Wesley Center, 114 Forest Avenue, Waupun.  Visit https://yqcaprogram.org/ to register.
  • For instructions go to the “Youth and Parents” tab and you will find the directions to register. The document showing step-by-step instructions will be under the red oval “Instructor-led training help document”
  • You will need to register as a family and then add each child that will be attending.  Once registered,  you will want to navigate to the in person training.  Find the May 9th Waupun location, and select that. You will need to pay the $3.00 fee online.
  • After attending the training, you will need to log back in and print the certificate to attach to your orange card. So please note your login ID and password. If you have any questions, please contact Amy Voigt 920.210.1647 or Sandy Salmi 920.988.5295.


  • Option 3: Test out of your YQCA level

Cost: $36 or $48 depending on age bracket

This option is for youth 12, 15, or 19 years old as of 1/1/2021. The test out option will only be good for 3 or 4 years depending on your age bracket.

YQCA Registration Information

Youth wishing to complete YQCA training on-line or in-person will be required to sign up for the training at yqcaprogram.org.

Contact Amanda Young at the Extension office for more information.


Sign in with 4H Online or FFA & Independent Sign in – Sign in for yqca.org

Instructor-Led Training Certification: (In person training workshop) Instructions for creating an account, navigating the account, purchasing a course, and completing certification.

Web-Based Certification: (Internet based training workshop) Instructions for creating an account, navigating the account, purchasing a course, and completing certification.

MAQA (Meat Animal Quality Assurance) has moved to the National YQCA Program starting the fall of 2017. Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) is a national multi-species quality assurance program for youth ages 8 to 21 with a focus on three core pillars: food safety, animal well-being, and character development.

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