Pesticide Applicator Training

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February 1st, 2019


9:00am - 3:30pm


$45.00 Includes Training Manuals & Lunch




Dodge County farmers whose pesticide applicators certification has expired or first-time applicators will want to register for one of two training sessions or for a self-study program in order to acquire their General Farming Private Applicator’s License. Current applicators whose certification is expiring will be receiving notification in the mail soon.

 There are three base categories for private applicator certification:

1.) General Farming         2.) Fruit Crops          3.) Greenhouse & Nursery

General Farming Certification allows you to purchase and use restricted-use pesticides as a private applicator for production of any agricultural commodity. Fruit Crops and Greenhouse & Nursery Certifications are provided for those who produce only those types of commodities e.g., apple grower, greenhouse, or nursery crops.

 In addition to the base categories, there are three private applicator certification subcategories: Agricultural Fumigation, Aerial Application, and Chemigation. Certification in an appropriate base category is required before you can certify in any subcategory.

You must register in person at the Dodge County UW-Extension office prior to the exam date.  You will receive your training material, make payment, and reserve a lunch.


Event Location

Dodge County Administration Building

127 E. Oak St.

Juneau, WI 53039

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