Special Emphasis: 4-H International

Welcome to 4-H International!


Clubs can choose a country and fill a binder with all kinds of activities and information! Programs like 4-H in the U.S. exist in over 70 countries!  Binders are available at the UW-Extension office. Completed binders are to be turned in with Record Books on September 19, 2017. A committee will place the “Top Special Emphasis Books.”


Binders will be available for check-out for another club to use and add to it for year 2 of Special Emphasis: 4-H International.

Get yours and get started on your 4-H International Special Emphasis today!

  • Select a country – the following clubs have selected a country:
    • Achievers – HAITI
    • A-OK – BRAZIL
    • Astico Perseverance – HUNGARY
    • Herman Hornets – GERMANY
    • Hyland Prairie – SWEDEN
    • Juneau Victorians – CANADA
    • Leipsic – MALAYSIA
    • Lomira Clover Leaves – ARGENTINA
    • Portland Boosters – TAIWAN
    • Sinissippi – JAPAN
    • Trenton Highlights – NEW ZEALAND
    • Tri-County Twisters – COLOMBIA
    • Watertown Badgers – AUSTRALIA
  • Check out all the different tabs in your binder.
  • Have different members in your club write a paragraph or two about the tab they choose and then share it with your club.
  • Include things about that country’s 4-H that might be different or the same as 4-H in the U.S.
  • Find a recipe native to that country for the club to try – include it in the binder.
  • Make some games — maybe a word search or floor game.
  • Fill your club’s binder and have FUN with it!
  • Use your imagination and make learning about this country FUN!


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