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By Caitlin Richardson | Dodge County FoodWIse Coordinator | UW-Madison Division of Extension

With rising food costs, people have started to be more selective with what they are purchasing. We know that eating a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables has many pros- improved health, more energy, reduced risk of developing health-related diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Here are some tips from the University of Maryland Extension’s “Healthy Cents” to help combat the cost of fruit and vegetables as well as a list of the most affordable vegetables by pound.

  • Buy produce in ALL forms–fresh, dry, frozen, and canned. All forms have very comparable nutritional quality.
  • Buy fresh produce when it’s on sale- otherwise opt for a different, more affordable form.
  • When buying canned fruit look for fruit that is canned in 100% juice.
  • Look for no-salt added canned vegetables. If you can’t find them, try reduced sodium, and rinse the vegetables with cool water in a colander before use to get rid of the excess sodium.

Top 10 Affordable Vegetables (by the pound)

PotatoesCarrotsCut Green Beans
CauliflowerCut Green BeansSweet Whole Kernel Corn
CabbageOkraSliced Carrots
OnionsGreen PeasPotatoes
Whole CarrotsCollard GreensGreen Peas
Celery StalksSweet Whole Kernel CornTomatoes
Sweet PotatoesCauliflowerMustard Greens
Baby CarrotsBroccoliTurnip Greens
RadishesTurnip GreensSauerkraut

Have questions? Contact the Dodge County FoodWIse team. Kimberly Lafler: or Caitlin Richardson;

       Source: Healthy Cents Curriculum from University of Maryland Extension

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