The Parent Connect | Spring 2021

The Parent Connect is a FREE weekly opportunity for parents and caregivers to talk with each other. 

As parents and caregivers of children dealt with many disruptions over the past year, UW Madison Division of Extension sought ways to support families in their need for connection and skill building. The Parent Connect is a free, weekly opportunity for parents and caregivers to talk with each other, offered Thursday evenings April 8-May 13th at 6:30 pm. According to Human Development and Relations Educator, Pattie Carroll, the discussions will center on, “how to build skills in our children to understand their emotions, to make and keep friends, and to make fair and safe choices. These skills help children to positively participate in their family and community, help ensure school success, and help them develop a more positive sense of self.”

Each Parent Connect is facilitated by an Extension Educator and lasts one hour. Participants can join via phone or video-chat. Topics, such as, Making Choices, Take a Deep Breath, and Helping Children Identify their Strengths, are first introduced by the Extension Educator with examples of why this is important and how parents can build this skill. The second half of the hour allows for discussion and response among participants, to make The Parent Connect relevant to the needs and situations of each group.

Spring 2021 Schedule

6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

April 8 |  Evaluating Choices

April 15 | Humankind. Be Both

April 22 | Take A Deep Breath

April 29 | Solving Problems

May 6 | What Am I Good At

May 13 | I Make A Difference

Registration required. Parent Connect Flyer HERE. 



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