Pattie’s Parenting Tips-Mindfulness

April 28, 2020

Today’s Tip: Let’s face it, COVID-19 is bringing about stress for everyone including kids. Big emotions like anger or frustration can be hard for children to control. They may hit or yell to act out their feelings. Children feel more in control of their emotions and calmer in stressful situations when we teach them how to manage their emotions. Children feel stress, just like adults. They can be stressed about things like needing a ride, getting bullied at school, or being scared of the dark.

There are a variety of strategies you can teach a child to calm down. Simple skills can help children handle stress. This short Raising Caring Kids “Mindfulness” video explains how deep breathing, journaling, and yoga all help children feel calm and better able to handle stress.

All the Best,
Patricia Carroll | UW-Madison, Division of Extension
Associate Professor, Dept of Family Development
Human Development & Relationships Educator, Dodge County

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