2018 Crop Land Rental Rate Survey Results

Each year the Dodge and Fond du Lac County UW-Extension offices, receive several questions about farmland rental rates from farm operators as well as non-farm landowners. To better answer these questions, our offices conducted, a farmland cash rent survey during the winter of 2018.  The survey is intended to provide township level rental rate information for property owners and tenants who negotiate rental contracts in the many townships of Dodge County.


The price range per acre for non-irrigated cropland ranged from a total of $50 to $325 per acre. The average price for Dodge County was $170.49 per acre and Fond du Lac averaged $148 per acre. The most common amount per acre was $200 per acre for Dodge and $100 per acre for Fond du Lac. According to the United States Department of Agriculture – National Agriculture Statistics Service, the average cash rent price per acre for Dodge County in 2017 was $199.99 and $173 for Fond du Lac. Dodge County had the second highest published cash rent for non-irrigated cropland in Wisconsin. The data collected by the Extension Offices in this survey shows that the average prices were lower than USDA estimated prices.

The data shows that in Dodge County average rental size was 118 acres, with the smallest amount rented being 8 acres and the largest being 1100 acres. Fond du Lac had an average rent size of 101 acres ranging from 2 acres to 450 acres.

Looking at the average yield of corn for renters in Dodge County, the farmers averaged 174 bushels per acre. This is slightly less than the USDA average of 187.7 bushels per acre. Fond du Lac farmers averaged 158.5 bushels of corn per acre of rented land compared to the County average of 182.7 according to the USDA.

The data that was collected was found to have a direct correlation with the price and the amount of yield of corn. The average price per acre was almost identical to the amount of corn yield per acre, so a field of 50 acres at 200 dollars per acre should be able to produce about 200 bushels of corn per acre. Simply, this equates to $1 per bushel.

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