April 2018 Youth Master Gardener Digging In Dodge Newsletter

The April issue of the Youth Dodge County Master Gardener Digging In Dodge Newsletter is out!

In the summer of 2015, the Dodge County Youth Master Gardener Association (DCYMGA) was launched with 8 students in both Hustisford and Mayville schools. The programs begin with Master Gardener volunteers working with teachers through the weeks of summer school classes.  Volunteers come to the classes 2-3 times per week and supplement or assist the teachers.  Hands on teaching takes place at outdoor locations, including school gardens, community gardens, and service gardens.

After summer school, those students who wish to continue to participate meet with volunteers on a weekly basis.  The produce harvested from the vegetable gardens goes home with the students with training in how to prepare it.  More education takes place in pollinator gardens, community downtown gardens, and school gardens.

Once school starts, the students continue with classes after school each week and learn about a wide range of topics including container gardening, insects, trees, plant requirements, soil, pollinator gardens, garden design and more.  Guest speakers come to class periodically to further enhance learning.

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